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We are an honest dating service that help real people connect.


Our team are dedicated to keeping members safe and secure online.


Report and Blacklist profiles you feel are suspicious.

What Our Members Say

We strive to keep our member platform honest and genuine, resulting in many happy and satisfied site users.

“Great place to meet people – safe, discreet, and good site overall” 
“Really enjoying my time here and have met some truly amazing people. It’s a more honest, open and friendly place compared to other dating sites.”
“Awesome site….worked for me in hours…So far no other sites have really worked for me..”

Scammers Uncovered

Our Support & Moderation representatives have a wealth of experience under their belts when it comes to recognising and dealing with scammer tricks. Our team work around the clock to identify any suspicious behaviour and shut down fraudulent activities in their tracks. While we are confident that our platform provides high levels of security, we strive to give our members as much knowledge as we can in order for them to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities.

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Fake Media

Most scammers will not use a real photo, however as little as 5% will in order to our get passed our team.

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Travel Payments

We have shut down several scammers who contact members to request travel money, this may be a taxi fare which they claim they need in order to ‘meet up’.

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Fictitious Hookup Passes and IDs

There is no such thing as any form of pass or ID needed to continue using the site, nor will our SiteAdmins ask for any form of this.

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