Scammers Uncovered

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What is a scammer?

A fraudulent scheme performed by a dishonest individual, group, or company in an attempt obtain money or something else of value.

How do we stop them?

Our Support & Moderation representatives have a wealth of experience under their belts when it comes to recognising and dealing with scammer tricks. Our team work around the clock to identify any suspicious behaviour and shut down fraudulent activities in their tracks. While we are confident that our platform provides high levels of security, we strive to give our members as much knowledge as we can in order for them to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities.

1.Fictitious Passes & ID’s

Our members’ safety is absolutely paramount for us and we strive to keep you as secure as possible so that you’re free to have fun and fully enjoy your experience on the site. In order for us to optimise your safety however, we need for you to be aware of what to look out for when logged in, in addition to when you’re conversing off-site. We can address the perpetrators of ingenuine communication and spread awareness within our community on the site by combining the work undertaken by our Helpdesk team with your assistance. Our reach and ability to alert all users of the site is optimised when our members report any suspicious contact to us as soon as they are able. For this reason we are deeply grateful for any efforts you can give toward this cause of reporting back what you believe to be mistrustful communication from someone else. So on this subject, please read our latest update! Below is an example of a communication that one of our vigilant members has received and identified as in-genuine. It may sound like we’re repeating ourselves should you follow our Site Safety articles but there is no such thing as any form of pass or ID needed to continue using the site, nor will our SiteAdmins ask for any form of this. So to definitively reiterate that last point: There’s NO SUCH THING AS A HOOKUP PASS which has been mentioned in this instance, OR ANY OTHER FORM OF PASS OR ID for that matter. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY FORM OF PASS OR ID to continue using your profile on the site. Should anyone say otherwise, please report them to our Helpdesk by supplying their username and details of what they’ve said/done. The Helpdesk can be contacted by selecting the ‘Helpdesk’ option from the drop-down menu of your membership homepage. Please take a thorough read through the rest of the articles published within this Site Safety section. By educating yourself on tactics used by those with negative intentions, you are maximising your ability to remain safe and avoid the minority operating with such an unfavourable agenda. As aforementioned, we greatly appreciate your time spent making yourself aware and any backing you can give our Helpdesk staff when you spot something amiss. Ultimately you are helping keep the site a fun and sexy but most importantly, safe place to be!

2. ‘Online Dating Protector’

Our team have identified that scammers are posing as Site Admins and contacting members, claiming that they need ‘Online Dating Protection’ in order to continue using the site. This is NOT our Site Admins, and there is absolutely no requirement for any member to sign up for ‘Online Dating Protection’ – to clarify, there is no such thing as an ‘Online Dating Protection certification’! It’s very easy to verify that the person contacting you is a Site Admin, simply click on their profile. All Site Admin personnel will have an “admin” badge on their profile. This appears as a small, navy blue circle icon below their username on their profile, as shown below. Our Site Admins will never contact you to ask for personal details or to make a payment in order for you to continue using the site. If you are contacted by someone claiming that you need to do any of the aforementioned, please don’t hesitate to contact the help desk staff who will be happy to assist you and deal with those individuals appropriately.

3. Fake Media

Most scammers will not use a real photo, however as little as 5% will in order to our get passed our team. Fake photos will come up on google which identifies them from Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit and other social media sites. Our team have discovered that scammers will take images from various other sites and edit them to hide the face, for example: underwear models with heads cut off (this is common for male members to do as well). We have uncovered various scammers who use the same stolen/fake images across several profiles, with the facial identity removed by blurring out or cropping the image. Example of stolen or fake image: We ask our members to report any photos that appear to be fake or stolen and to avoid confronting the suspicious profile alone. Our team can ask possible scammers to verify themselves and from there we will take the appropriate action to ensure the safety of real members is not affected by fake profiles and scammers. Our database of members is policed on a regular basis and thoroughly checked for fake images, we will not pass any new profiles that we believe to be suspicious.

4. Travel Payments

We have shut down several scammers who contact members to request travel money, this may be a taxi fare which they claim they need in order to ‘meet up’. Once the scammer receives the payment they will block the member with no intention of visiting them as they originally made out. We regularly remind our members that they should never give out payment details or make a payment to another member of the site, anyone asking you to make a payment should be a red flag warning and you should report them to our help desk immediately. Our team are also trained to identify phrases and buzzwords which help seek out these deceitful ‘members’ who are only on the site to con people out of money. Once these underhanded tactics are spotted, it doesn’t take long for our experts to swiftly remove these scammers from our database of members.