Complete Protection for Online Dating

Round the clock Moderation

Our customer care team work 24 hours a day, 7days a week to moderate all content which is uploaded to the sites, including every photo, video and profile. This process helps to eliminate scammers, resulting in real and genuine profiles for you to interact with.

Advanced support and moderation centre

On top of 24/7 moderation we also use a support software package, meaning our team are available via live chat, phone and ticketing system at any hour of the day. Members can also use our Customer Self Assist help section with the most up to date information being available at all times.

Real Members

Our goal is to provide an honest and genuine platform of active members. We use various methods to ensure all content is carefully monitored to identify any common scammer behaviour or information. Our highly trained team are experts when it comes to identifying suspicious profiles and aim to moderate content within 10 minutes of it being posted to the site. The ‘Copied Message Detector’ is a handy tool which identifies incoming spam mail, alerting you with a symbol attached to the unopened mail. This allows members to quickly delete time wasting mail before the message is even opened.

Member Controls

The control is also in your hands when it comes to spotting and reporting suspicious profiles. ‘Report member’ buttons can be found on every profile, allowing our moderators to investigate and act quickly once a profile has been reported. You also have a ‘blacklist member’ option on every profile which blocks further contact from that member if you feel uncomfortable in any situation. These tools are designed to protect you from fake profiles, scammers and time wasters.

Sharing our knowledge

Not only do our expert team provide tips on how to avoid dating scams and stay safe online, they also assist members with boosting their presence on the site. We have the best advice on how to get the most from your time online, with profile promoting tips making it easier and safer than ever for you to meet like minded people. Your safety is our top priority but don’t be afraid to contact our team for any advice on how to improve your online dating profile.